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  • Down There for Women


    More than 80 percent of women will suffer pelvic floor disorders in their lifetime, yet most women have no idea that alignment is essential for proper pelvic floor function. Katy shows an easy-to-follow protocol for stretching and strengthening the muscles that keep the pelvis aligned, allowing the pelvic floor to operate less like a hammock and more like a trampoline.

  • Biomechancis for Bad Backs


    So many people suffer from chronic backaches, but where do they come from? Here you will come to understand the origin of the back pain, and get a simple and deeper understanding on how to re-educate the body on proper movement and alignment. These gentle exercises work to free up the spine and can even be done while traveling on the road.

  • Knees and Hips


    While the causes of knee and hip pain are as varied as individual sufferers, the mechanics of these joints are the same in everyone. These exercises stretch and strengthen the muscles most involved in preserving the health and mobility of these important joints. The exercises are adaptable even if you've had a joint replacement. They are challenging - and necessary - for runners and other athletes who suffer from knee or hip problems.

  • From the Shoulders Up


    Chronic headaches, foggy brain, and even pressure behind the eyes can result from long hours at the computer and a lack of mobility in the neck and shoulders. This is a basic exercise prescription for improving circulation to the neck and head, as well as tips for better typing and driving ergonomics.

  • Fix Your Feet


    Most foot pain is entirely preventable and reversible through a thoughtfully designed exercise routine. Fallen arches, inflamed fascia, and over-tight foot muscles are all created through movement habits, and can quickly improve when those habits are corrected.

  • Smart Digestion


    While digestive disorders like IBS and acid reflux are often associated with nutritional choices, often times it is the position of structures like the swallowing tube, the over-compression of the abdomen associated with slouchy posture, and body position when eating! You'll learn five exercises that maximize body efficiency for optimal digestion.

  • My Hands Hurt: From Elbows to Fingers


    With all the typing, driving, and computer work done on a daily basis, it's no wonder that the numerous muscles, bones, nerves and attachments from the elbow on down, often start to complain. Targeting all the tissues that supply the hands with health and mobility, Katy guides you through a series of simple but profound exercises to align and unwind the neck, shoulders, elbows and hands.

  • Below the Belt for Men


    It is a well-hidden fact that pelvic floor disorders (PFD) are just as common among men and women, especially when you add in prostate conditions and sexual dysfunction. You will learn how misalignment decreases the strength of the muscles that hold the weight of the organs off of the prostate, and how a handful of specifically chosen exercises will begin to bring the body back into alignment and increase blood flow to extremities in this area.

  • When You Hurt All Over


    What's one to do when you hurt all over but your doctor tells you that you need to exercise? These gentle stretching exercises will improve the flow of blood and lymph, even to the extremities, reduce internal pressures, raise immunity, and improve muscle strength.

  • Biomechanics for Strong Bones


    With so much misunderstanding of the term "weight-bearing", very few people are getting the correct exercises to align their skeleton correctly. This easy-to-follow program maximizes bone-loading to create bone-building signals at the areas commonly affected by bone loss: wrists, ribs, vertebrae, and hips.

  • When You Can’t Breathe


    You were taught to swim, how to ride a bike, and even how to walk, though you probably don't remember it. Breathing is comprised of coordinated muscle movements just like all of these, but chances are nobody has ever shown you how to do it correctly. Katy explains the mechanics of optimal breathing, and the exercises that will train muscles to increase oxygen intake!

  • Get Your Balance Back


    To lose one's sense of balance is to lose one's independence. Katy defines balance as "the ability to stand unsupported on one foot" because that's the skill needed to walk safely and confidently. This easy-to-follow program stretches and strengthens the muscles necessary for balance, and for independent living.

  • Easy Rx…ercise for Diabetics


    Exercise prescription needs to be specific when dealing with diabetes. Intense programs can cause rapid changes in blood sugar that can stress the adrenal glands and slow metabolism. Easy Rx...ercise for Diabetics is designed to increase basal metabolic rate (metabolism) and minimize stress and adrenaline production. It offers a protocol that includes a handful of gentle exercises to improve circulation in the feet, lower legs and mid-section, specifically to meet the needs of the diabetic population.


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