The Best Yoga Mat Brands: What Brand Has the Best Yoga Mat?

Yoga is much more than exercise for a lot of people. It is great for relaxing, unwinding, de-stressing, and even getting in shape.

So, finding the right yoga mat, and specifically, a brand to support is of paramount importance because having a good mat is a necessity for yoga. My favorite brand is Jade Yoga because they provide earth-conscious, high-quality yoga mats.

Although, there are many great brands. Over the years, many yoga mats and brands have come and gone, but only a few stand out that you are likely to love. Check them out!

What Makes a Good Yoga Mat Brand?

It is important to first discuss what makes a great yoga mat brand before getting into the specifics of why these brands are so loved. It is a given that the brand’s products must be good. However, these companies deliver much more than just quality products when it comes to serving their customers.


Integrity here refers to brands that are environmentally friendly, offer extended warranties, stand behind their products, and never use harmful chemicals in their products.

Simply put, companies whose focus is more on their customers than on the bottom line. However, it is important to note that they receive handsome rewards for getting it right.


Companies that use sustainable products in their mats are generally more preferable.

Sustainability refers to harvesting rubber from sustainable sources, using dyes that are environmentally and body-friendly, and avoid non-recyclable materials.

Such companies care about the environment and actively take measures for ensuring that they only conduct their business in a very conscious way.

Quality Products

Companies that sell quality products always stand behind those products.

They receive glowing reviews, offer extended warranties, and interact with customers to ensure that their line is continuously improving. The companies featured here do all that and much more.

Favorite Yoga Mat Brands

Who makes the best yoga pants? Below you will find my four favorite brands of yoga mats since they meet and exceed the criteria above.

The companies are of high integrity and offer quality, sustainably made products bound to benefit both you as a yogi and the earth as a whole.

1. Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga has a very interesting story. It is a known brand established over a century ago where it started out as a rug dealer. The story goes that the company was selling oriental rugs that kept slipping, which is why it had to find a way to ensure that the rugs stayed in place. After some thought, the company developed a natural rubber pad for putting under the rugs.

One thing led to another, and one-day B.K.S. Iyengar was demonstrating yoga in the United States on an oriental rug but just kept sliding.

The rug was removed by a student in the class thus leaving just the rug pad below it. In that instant, the yoga mat was born. From there, Jade started to develop the first natural rubber yoga mat tapped from rubber trees in the United States.

Why Is It Loved?

The company’s story is great. However, the reason why we love Jade Yoga is because they are an earth-conscious company that makes its products sustainably and does it all in the United States. The company’s products tend to cost more than your regular yoga mat, but you will get your money’s worth.

Jade also plants a tree for each product it sells. It has a community partner program that teaches yoga and donates money to causes such as ovarian cancer support and research. Overall, the company conducts its business like a good friend that you are sure you can trust.

What Is the Best Jade Yoga Mat?

The Jade Fusion and Jade Harmony are my favorite products from Jade Yoga.

Jade Harmony

The Jade Harmony yoga mat (Amazon link) is the first mat that Jade made and is one of the most popular natural rubber yoga mats currently in the market.

It comes in 68 inches, 71 inches, and 74 inches and 5 mm thickness. Overall, Jade Harmony is a high-quality product that’s made sustainably and built to last.

Jade Fusion

The Jade Fusion mat (Amazon link) is a premium yoga mat from Jade Yoga. It comes in 68 inches and 74 inches and 8mm thickness.

A mat this thick would ordinarily interfere with balance, but since the Fusion is made using dense natural rubber, it doesn’t indent as much when you stand on it. This is what makes it an excellent option for pregnant women or people with sensitive joints, bad knees, or arthritis that require additional padding.

2. Manduka

The Manduka brand started humbly in 1997 when Peter Sterios, the architect turned yogi designed his first black mat. He then started to send his mats to his favorite yoga teachers as a way to pay respect to their practice, and they soon started sending them to their students.

The term “Manduka” comes from a pose Sterios’ favorite yoga teacher would have them do in class: Mandukasana or the frog pose. It is a great story that has helped propel the band forward ever since.

Why Is It Loved?

Manduka is a very well-known brand that only uses sustainable products whenever possible. As for the products that are not necessarily sustainable, Manduka offers a lifetime warranty, and they are recycled for other purposes.

While the Jade Yoga brand makes rubber mats exclusively, Manduka prefers to mix things up and uses different materials to make mats for different purposes and preferences.

Manduka’s products are also Global Recycled Standard certified, which means that the quantity of recycled materials the company claims to use in its products is verified.

The brand is also Organic Content Standard certified, which means that its products contain 95 percent or more organic material. Finally, the brand is Oeko Tex 100 certified, which means that its products are free of toxic and harmful chemicals.

What Is the Best Manduka Yoga Mat?

The Manduka Pro, Yogitoes Towel, and the Manduka Prolite are my favorite products from Manduka.

Manduka Pro

The Manduka Pro (Amazon link) is an excellent mat made from a very dense PVC material. It is certified to be free from harmful chemicals and is offered in 71 inches and 85 inches. 26-inches is the standard width for the mat, which is highly appreciated since people often go off the sides of 24-inch mats.

The 6mm thick material offers good cushioning and the material’s density ensures that the mat never gives too much or stretches when pressure is applied on the mat.

A huge benefit of the Pro is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, which means that you don’t have to buy another mat ever if you don’t wish to. Overall, the Manduka Pro is a quality yoga mat, which is a staple for numerous yogis all over the globe.

Manduka Prolite

The Manduka Prolite (Amazon link) is a favorite because it is just like the Pro, but only lighter and smaller.

It is slightly thinner and offered in a standard 71 x 24 inches and extended sizes of 79-x 24-inches.

The mat weighs considerably less than the pro coming in about 4 and 4.5 pounds respectively. The Pro and Prolite are also both closed cell, which makes them easy to clean after class.

Yogitoes Towel

The Yogitoes Towel by Manduka (Amazon link) is a favorite when it comes to hot yoga.

It features a patented silicone nodule pattern on its bottom for keeping it stuck to the mat, absorbing buckets of sweat, uses body-friendly dyes and comes in some impressive styles.

Users report that they have never experienced problems with the towel moving or bunching during class and the grip actually improves as you sweat. It is made from recycled plastic water bottles, which makes it better for the environment.

3. Yoga Design Lab

Chad Turner, who was an average joe vacationer in Bali was the person that started Yoga Design Lab. As the story goes, he was in a yoga class when he noticed that everybody had a bunch of unoriginal and solid colored yoga mats.

He thought to himself about whether it was possible to make a beautiful looking mat that actually serves a purpose, which is how Yoga Design Lab was born.

Why Is It Loved?

Yoga Design Lab uses “fashion-forward” designs. The mats from the brand are made from biodegradable natural tree rubber, and the dyes used to make its inspiring mats are body-friendly and water-based.

The other great thing about the brand’s products is that its products are incredibly affordable considering their quality. The company also donates $1 of each purchase to support youth yoga programs for both boys and girls.

What Is the Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat?

Yoga Design Lab’s Combo yoga mat (Amazon link) is a great 2-in-1 mat that’s a combination of a high-quality hot yoga towel and a natural rubber mat.

The towel and mat are bound, which means that you never have to worry about your towel separating from the mat or bunching even in vigorous classes.

It is currently offered in a 70 x 24-inch length/width, which is long enough to accommodate individuals that are slightly tall even though it would have been better if they actually made a wider version.

Having said that, the company’s mission and Combo Mat is something to be respected and appreciated. It is something you should consider looking into if you are a hot yoga regular.

4. Aurorae Yoga

Aurorae yoga is a small and family-owned business established by Dennis Ingui, a cancer survivor. Dennis started practicing yoga to release stress, find inner peace, and strengthen his body. Today, more than 15 years later, Aurorae Yoga is one of the top-rated companies in the U.S. for yoga mats.

Why Is It Loved?

All mats from Aurorae Yoga are eco-friendly. They are made from non-toxic resin that has been certified to be free from harmful Phthalates, PAHS, Phenols, and other chemicals. They are also FDA approved, Oeko Tex 100 certified, and some of their products are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

The company prides itself on being a small business and putting customer service first, and this has really become evident with its success.

What Is the Aurorae Yoga Mat?

The Aurorae yoga mat (Amazon link) might not have the best photos, but its products are of very high quality. The Aurorae Classic has a 2-year warranty, is made from a 6-mm thick PER material, is 72 x 24-inches, and comes with a free rosin bag to improve stickiness.

Overall, the Classic is an excellent budget-friendly yoga mat that offers sufficient cushioning, does not contain harmful chemicals and is biodegradable too, which means that you are not harming the environment.

Final Thoughts: The Best Yoga Mat Brands

The list of yoga mat brands provided here is far from comprehensive, and there are numerous other up-and-coming as well as established companies that strive to make quality eco-friendly products.

The products and brands featured here are some of the favorite options to help you gain a clearer picture of the best brands of yoga mats.

Each company has its own unique style and products, which means that no single company on this list is better compared to the other in that regard.

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