Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Review (Reach Your Ideal Body Weight)

Do you hate spending hours doing cardio?

Are you sick of diets that leave you feeling hungry all the time?

The Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program offers a different approach to weight loss.

Instead of wasting half your day on a treadmill or bicycle and severely restricting your calories, you get to eat filling meals and work out just three times per week.

If you’ve spent any time online searching for fitness programs, you know that Kinobody isn’t your only option.

There are hundreds of online courses claiming to provide the best solution for your fitness goals.

So does the Kinobody system work?

Yes. As with most fitness programs, it’s effective if you stick with it. The biggest challenge for any fitness program is following through with the recommendations and strategies.

Luckily, Kinobody doesn’t require intense exercise and strict dieting. It’s less disruptive to your daily routine, making it easier for most people to follow.

Before trying this program for yourself, you may want to know more about it. Here’s our in-depth look at the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

What Is the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program?

The Aggressive Fat Loss (AFL) program provides step-by-step instructions for reaching your ideal body weight.

Basically, it’s a program for fat loss and cutting.

You get tips, strategies, and guides for losing body fat while maintaining lean muscle.

Greg O’Gallagher is the guy behind the program.

Is he qualified to give fitness advice? Looking at his picture, it’s obvious that he knows a thing or two about working out.

The program starts with some background info on Greg. At the young age of six, he decided that he wanted the perfect physique. By the age of ten, he was lifting dumbbells.

At 19, Greg moved to LA and started coaching people at a gym. Shortly after, he registered the domain name for Kinobody.

By 2009, at the age of 24, Greg launched his YouTube channel and started building his social media following.

 If you check out his Instagram or YouTube profiles, you’ll see photos and videos of Greg working out or showing off his luxurious lifestyle.

Greg has also tweaked and tested his techniques over the years. He’s taken everything that he’s learned and compiled it into the Kinobody system.

The original system included three stages for men and one stage for women. The stages walk you through the techniques needed to slim down, bulk up, and sculpt your body.

With the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program, you focus on the first part. It helps you reduce fat without losing muscle.

What Does the AFL Program Come with?

Greg delivers the program through Teachable, an online platform for hosting online courses. It’s a web-based interface with a simple layout, allowing you to easily navigate the program.

After purchasing the program, you receive access to the online course. It includes a series of guides and videos that walk you through the steps needed to follow AFL.

Here is a breakdown of the class curriculum:

  • Intro to the program
  • Overview of the strategies
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Workout routines
  • Advanced tactics
  • Bonuses
  • Resources

The core of the program is the dieting strategy and a three-day workout plan. You use a combination of intermittent fasting and low-volume workouts to blast fat quickly.

With the latest version of the program, you only need to work out twice per week. However, you may get faster results sticking with the three-day workout plan.

When you first start the course, you’ll get an overview of the program, strategies, and Greg’s background. From there, the course dives into nutrition.

Kinobody Intermittent Fasting: Is it Doable?

Many people dislike working out. It’s one of the hardest parts of getting in shape.

The only thing that you may find more challenging is dieting.

You need to change your eating habits and monitor your food intake to ensure that you achieve a calorie deficit each day. Eating at a calorie deficit is the key to weight loss.

The Kinobody program offers an easy dieting strategy to help you limit calories. The program relies on intermittent fasting.

With intermittent fasting, you don’t starve yourself. You follow an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating.

Greg’s strategy requires you to use an eating window. You’ll eat two meals each day during a six-hour eating window.

Basically, you’ll skip breakfast. Luckily, you won’t always need to wait until the afternoon to eat.

Greg includes a few fruits that you can eat early in the day for long-lasting energy.

The fasting method in this program allows you to stay full throughout the day while helping you avoid overeating. It also promotes the metabolic process, allowing you to burn more calories.

It’s not a strict diet. You have the flexibility to continue eating what you want. You just need to limit when you eat.

For the best results, you should try to limit junk food and sweets, focusing on natural food sources such as meat, fruit, and vegetables.

While counting calories isn’t required, Greg recommends that your first meal of the day only consists of about 400 calories. The second meal contains closer to 1200 calories.

The program also offers a detailed diet and nutrition guide. Greg tells you exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

The diet portion of the program is a little easier compared to many other options but some people may struggle with the fasting strategy. It takes time to adjust to the eating window, especially if you usually eat an early breakfast and late dinner.

If you can stick it out for a few days, you shouldn’t have trouble following the diet plan.

Kinobody Workouts: What Do They Include?

Along with fasting, you need to work your muscles.

You’re not going to bulk up on the Kinobody program. It’s designed to help shred fat and sculpt muscles.

The workouts mostly help you maintain muscle mass and burn a few extra calories. You may experience small gains in certain areas but you’ll need to wait until you shred the fat to start bulking.

So how much do you need to work out?

The Kinobody system only requires two to three days of low-volume exercise each week.

The body isn’t incredibly complex. If you eat at a calorie deficit, you lose fat and/or muscle. Strength training helps you keep the muscle while losing fat.

The workout routines are short and involve high-intensity exercises. They also rely on reverse pyramid training.

Reverse pyramid training requires you to start the exercise with the heaviest weight and the lowest repetitions. After each set, you decrease the total weight and increase the number of repetitions.

The workouts may seem intense if your body isn’t used to weightlifting and strength training exercises. You’ll likely feel a little sore after the first day.

As with the fasting, you’ll slowly adapt to the workouts and find them easier to stick with.

Advantages of the Kinobody Program

Why should you consider trying AFL for yourself? Some of the highlights of this program include:

  • Flexible dieting plan
  • Easy-to-follow workouts
  • Detailed video tutorials
  • Structured course curriculum
  • Instant access to all content
  • Program that really works

The Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program offers quite a few advantages, especially when you consider the alternatives.

As mentioned, dieting is often the hardest part of trying to achieve specific fitness goals. If you want to lose fat, whether you’re cutting or getting rid of love handles, you need to eat at a calorie deficit.

To make it easier to eat fewer calories, Greg has you use intermittent fasting. It’s a flexible plan that allows you to eat most of your favorite foods. You just need to watch your calories.

The workouts are also easy to follow even if you’ve never lifted weights or performed strength training exercises. If you need help perfecting your form and technique, you can watch Greg performing the same exercises.

The program includes access to detailed training videos. Greg shows you step by step how to perform each of the exercises in the workouts.

Along with the workouts, you get a series of tips and strategies for getting more out of this program. To access the content, you need to use the web-based interface. Luckily, the content is well organized and easy to browse.

You also gain instant access to the material.

After you complete the purchase, you’ll receive an email with the information needed to log in and access the course.

Of course, the best advantage is that the program works. Thousands of people have used AFL and achieved positive results.

Disadvantages of the Kinobody Program

Every program has its own drawbacks. While the AFL program appears to offer an effective solution for fat loss, you may find the following issues a little annoying:

  • You need web access for the content.
  • Intermittent fasting doesn’t work for everyone.
  • It costs a little more compared to some programs.

Some people may not enjoy having to access the content through a web-based application. Teachable is easy to use but it’s not the same as having eBooks or PDFs that you can download to your devices.

Intermittent fasting may also pose a problem for some people. The dieting strategy is flexible and doesn’t completely prohibit certain foods but you need to limit your eating to a six-hour window.

During the first few days, you may feel hungry each morning and eagerly await your first meal of the day. As mentioned, you’ll eventually adapt and should start to feel more energized in the morning.

The program also costs a little more than you might expect. It’s not expensive but the previous Kinobody workouts were cheaper.

Keep in mind that you’re getting an in-depth program with nutrition and exercise strategies. It’s a complete approach to fat loss that should help you get the results you want.

Does the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program Work?

Yes, the Kinobody system should work. You just need to ensure that it’s the right program for your specific fitness goals.

Before choosing a workout program, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it hard to follow?
  • Who is it designed for?
  • Does it include healthy strategies?
  • Is it worth the cost?

Kinobody isn’t hard to follow. It’s one of the easier programs available due to its unique approach to fat loss and cutting.

You don’t need to starve yourself or spend hours doing cardio.

The program is also designed for almost anyone who wants to reduce his or her total body fat.

If you’re looking to sculpt your entire body and build stronger muscles, this isn’t the program for you. Greg’s strategies help you cut fat and maintain muscle mass.

For those wanting to bulk up, Greg has another program. The original Kinobody Workout includes three separate programs, providing a three-stage approach to achieving the ultimate physique.

If you’re trying to find an easy-to-follow program to blast fat, you’ll want the Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

The next consideration is whether the program offers healthy strategies. Some diets and fitness plans include potentially dangerous recommendations. You may need to slash your calories in half or work out six days a week.

Luckily, the Kinobody program only uses healthy techniques based on sound medical research and Greg’s personal experience working with hundreds of clients at the gym.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the overall value of the program.

Kinobody costs a little more compared to similar programs but it may be the last weight loss course that you need to purchase.

Things that I liked about the program:

  • Like many other Kinobody programs, this program generates results if you follow the workout regimen as outlined. (Later in the article I include before and after pictures of transformations that occurred from people that completed the program).
  • The workouts are limited to only twice per week. This is much less time-intensive than comparable fat loss programs (like P90x or Insanity from Beachbody). I work nearly 60 hours per week, so only working out twice per week fits nicely into my work schedule.
  • This program includes a significant amount of content (and a few advanced weight loss techniques). I’m always interested in learning about new fitness techniques and this program provides a unique perspective on some common weight myths and methods (like intermittent fasting).

Things that I didn’t like about the program:

  • The program doesn’t provide a detailed overview of lifting techniques, teaching newbies how to use proper form on all lifts.
  • For a weight loss program, we think it’s a bit pricey, but if you’re considering buying the program, you take this survey to make the program much more affordable.

Kinobody also has many different workout programs, all designed for the specific wants and needs of people targeting certain fitness goals and results.

If you read the blog often, you’ll know that we’re usually supportive of most Kinobody workout programs, because they produce documented results.

As an example, Kinobody offers programs for individuals who are seeking to:

Note: You can click the links above for a detailed review of the other Kinobody programs.

If you’re interested in this weight loss program or other Kinobody programs, Kinobody is currently offering a $20 discount for a limited time by taking this quick survey. Even if you’re not ready to purchase the program, we recommend taking the survey to determine which workout regimen is designed to meet your specific fitness goals.

Does the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program Work?

Kinobody has a great reputation for helping people achieve their desired fitness results from their multitude of programs and this aggressive fat loss program is no different.

Following the nutritional plan and workout schedule can certainly help you lose weight quickly. There are testimonials and transformations from many people who have reached their goals using this system.

Is the Program Difficult?

The creator of Kinobody has done a great job of formulating a system that has you in the gym only 3 days a week. This way you are not sacrificing your personal life to lose weight, but you’re still working towards your fat loss goals.

This also gives your body the proper chance to heal and recover from intense workouts making you more likely to stay committed. The program also offers a manageable calorie deficit plan.

Is the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program a Great Value?

The program has a detailed plan on how to lose weight effectively and quickly. It also contains detailed informational content to ensure you are educated on your plan and have a clear idea of what needs to be done in order to reach your goals.

Studies show that people who want to lose weight do so more effectively when following a plan compared to people trying to lose weight without a plan.

The value not only comes from the program itself but from the knowledge you receive to create a healthier version of yourself.

It should be noted, that if you are not happy with the aggressive weight loss program, there is a refund policy and don’t forget there is a $20 discount on this program and other Kinobody systems.

This review is being conducted on the basis of results from other Kinobody programs, researching testimonials, and going through every detail of the programs and their protocols.

Within the rest of this review, the following items will be covered:

  • Contents included in the program
  • Pros and Cons
  • Summary
  • Final Thoughts and Recommendation

What Comes with the Aggressive Fat Loss Program?

  • The program starts with a video from the creator of Kinobody, Greg O’Gallagher welcoming you to the program and encouraging your success.
  • Detailed information on Greg’s view of the intermittent fasting diet and his weight-loss strategies.
  • A full overview of the AFLP dieting system and how to successfully incorporate intermittent fasting into your daily routine.
  • A weekly 3-day workout regimen that includes upper and lower body days.
  • Information on how to mentally overcome challenges while dieting and exercising to help you stay on track throughout your weight loss journey.
  • Advice and tips on how to conquer your goals.
  • Bonus material, with alternate workout plans.

How Can You Get the Program?

Like with all Kinobody programs, this fat loss system is hosted on Teachable. This is similar to a typical online course and is easy to use and navigate.

The program has several testimonials of proven results. People that follow the plan exclusively have been able to achieve fantastic weight loss goals, with many people surpassing their goals.

It’s an honest program. Within the Aggressive Weight Loss system, Greg never claims unrealistic results like some other programs. He is very clear on how losing weight is a life-long journey and it takes patience and consistency to achieve your goals.

He explains that fitness should always be a part of your life and not to be used as a quick, temporary fix.

The program is extremely supportive. There is a lot of emphasis on having a good mindset throughout your weight loss journey.

Learning to have more confidence and be proud of your accomplishments whether they be big or small. Also learning to be aware of how to fuel your body and accept your individual wants/needs.

The program is incredibly detailed. The nutritional plan covers everything from how to balancing your carbs, protein, and fats to the timing on when to refeed your body to ensure you are fueled properly.

Although, the video quality is subpar. The editing, sound, lighting and overall quality of the videos could be improved. The information is presented well, but a more in-depth explanation of movements and correction of form could be added.

It has been noted in other reviews, that Greg is aware of this and is in the process of reshooting videos.

The program may not be suited for people who already have some weightlifting experience. The program is designed for people targeting aggressive weight loss, so people who already have the basic knowledge of how to lose weight by lifting weights, may not enjoy this program.

That is not to say that these people won’t benefit from the program, but you will not be performing large weight deadlifts and squats during this program.

The program is heavily focused on intermittent fasting. With other Kinobody programs, fasting is always encouraged but not required as it was optional.

The AFLP program is pretty much designed around fasting and could pose a problem for people who cannot incorporate this in their daily routines.


Within the Aggressive Fat Loss system from Kinobody you will:

  • Workout 3 days a week with optional bonus workouts under the guidance of instructional videos.
  • Be educated on nutritional information and the basics of intermittent fasting.
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of calorie intake and how to precisely adjust your food to fit your fitness needs.
  • Be able to overcome mental struggles that can normally occur within any fitness routine.
  • Effectively and safely lose weight

The Verdict: Should You Try Kinobody?

It’s hard to recommend a fitness program as everyone has different goals, motivations, and personal preferences. Overall, Kinobody stands out for its flexibility.

There are too many fitness courses available that try to severely restrict what you can eat. You’ll also find programs that push you beyond your physical limits.

Pushing yourself too far with dieting and exercise is not the way to get in shape.

Kinobody allows you to continue eating your favorite foods. It also only requires two to three days of exercise per week with no cardio.

You don’t need to hop on a treadmill or stop eating pizza. If that appeals to you, try the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program for yourself.

We also recommend this program if you are looking for a realistic way to lose weight. This program has proven results and does so with true hard work and without dangerous fad diets and pills.

The program is designed to incorporate diet and fitness into your daily life and not to consume it. It will also help boost your confidence and give you the tools for you to create a happier and healthier version of yourself.

As mentioned before, Kinobody is currently offering a $20 discount for a limited time by taking this quick survey.

About Kinobody

The creator of Kinobody Greg O’Gallagher has been interested in fitness his entire life. His goal to become a major influencer in the fitness industry was reached with the formation of Kinobody and the many programs it has to offer.

Greg’s vision was to be able to help people transform their bodies and to help guide people in mastering their fitness training to become stronger and more confident.

One goal behind the development of Kinobody was to blend fitness into your own unique personal lifestyle. Teaching people that you can still achieve your fitness goals without completely sacrificing your personal life.

Greg believes that diet and fitness should enhance your life and not consume it. There is no need to spend countless hours in the gym following strict diets, but you can incorporate fitness and nutrition into your everyday life strategically and still get the results you desire.

Kinobody was developed from Greg’s personal experience, research, learning from multiple experts in the fitness industry and a lot of trial and error.

The workout programs usually consist of manageable 2-3 day sessions with minimal equipment to be able to maximize your workouts without compromising your lifestyle.

Diet plans are laid out in a clear easy-to-follow way to allow for optimal fuel while reaching your goals. All of this in combination will help you to reach your fitness goals.

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