Kinobody Cardio, Abs, & Mobility Workout Review

Kinobody workout programs have shown outstanding results, including weight loss and strength gains, by lifting weights only 3 days a week.

This may be shocking to some people.

Some people are in the gym nearly every day and see much slower progress, often thinking that the more they work out, the better the results.

However, working out every day can actually slow your progress significantly, because it hinders your body’s ability to recover.

Having a detailed workout plan in action will allow your body to recover properly and help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Greg O’Gallagher at Kinobody has developed a program called, “Cardio, Abs, and Mobility” for those who want to focus on their core and improve those areas within their workouts.

Below is a full breakdown of the Kinobody Cardio, Abs, and Mobility program.

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So, How Well Does the Kinobody Cardio, Abs and Mobility Work?

The program works very well. It should be noted that this program was designed to work in conjunction with the other kinobody fitness programs.

The longer answer is, this program has been proven to improve your workout capacity and stamina, increase flexibility with an intense focus on your abs.

Studies have shown that weight lifting and cardio together are the best way to get desired results. This plan combined with your normal gym routine will give you great results without derailing any progress.

How Hard Is the Program?

This is a smartly designed system that’s not any harder than most regular workout routines.

Most Kinobody workouts are meant to be done three days a week, the cardio, abs, and mobility workouts are designed to be added for an additional three days, typically on your off days.

These extra sessions are shorter, lasting only 45 minutes to allow your body time for recovery, unlike hour-long cardio sessions.

Is this program and good value?

Everyone knows that running either outside or on a treadmill gives you a great cardio workout, but can be hard on your joints and can take up a lot of time.

This complimentary program pairs perfectly with a regular lifting routine that has proven results.

Being able to combine a successful cardio program with weight lifting will set you up for the results you are working towards.

Investment in this program is a great value especially if you are already having success with another Kinobody program and want to take your workout to the next level.

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Some Thoughts Behind My Review

It’s important to note that I haven’t completed this specific program, but this review is being conducted by a consistent follower of Kinobody and a witness to the proven results on many of their programs.

I’m educated on the systems/protocols and have studied the cardio, abs, and mobility program from to beginning to end to be able to give a full review so you know what you can expect from this program.

This program is less detailed and involved than other Kinobody plans which make it simple and easy to get started.

There is a lot of informative content that will give you everything you need to know about the program with educational information, recommendations, and more.

Here’s what you get with the Kinobody Cardio, Abs, and Mobility program.

  • A 21-page guide that outlines the entire structure of the workout
  • An informative article on why traditional approached to cardio routines make you hungry
  • Information on how neural fatigue can negatively impact your strength gains and body recovery
  • Three types of cardio the creator of the program recommends
  • Information on the number calories you should be burning on cardio and ab workout days
  • A detailed outline of the 3-day workout split to increase stamina, flexibility/mobility, and abdominal muscle definition
  • 2 videos demonstrating various workout movements

Here are some pros and cons on the Kinobody cardio, abs, and mobility program:


The program fills the holes within a normal lifting routine: Giving people who lift weights regularly the much-needed mobility and cardio they may be lacking. The goal is to keep doing the strength training sessions with the bonus cardio sessions to avoid losing muscle mass in the process.

This a highly engaging and challenging program: You can expect more than just regular crunches and sit-ups. You will progress through non-traditional movements like back bridges, hanging leg raises and L-sits that will target all abdominal muscle groups.

Improved athleticism: This program has proven results in building a better athletic performance. With mobility drills and sprints you can expect higher endurance and improved lung capacity for better athletic ability and general health.

Cardio, abs, and mobility pairs with all other Kinobody programs: Being able to add this into whatever program you choose or are currently using makes it an overall great option. This program will not disrupt your current routine but will add to it giving you a great overall workout plan.


Even though the PDF guide has a lot of helpful information it is slightly disorganized: Other Kinobody programs mimic an online course and will guide you through the interactive module making it a little easier to gather information. This program just has all the information within the 21-page PDF where you have to find it manually.

The video quality could be better: Movement demonstrations are fine and you can clearly see what is being demonstrated just with reduced production value.

This is not the best program when used alone: As mentioned before, this program is designed to be combined with other programs to get the full benefits. If used alone, you can see results but it’s main purpose is to be used in conjunction with a strength training program.

While there are some cons, that don’t significantly take away from the benefits the program has to offer.

So, the verdict stands with cardio, abs, and mobility being a smart, well designed program, that can be easily paired with other various Kinobody programs for an overall full-body workout plan.

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