Kinobody Greek God Program Review – Who Should Try This Workout?

Do you want to look like a Greek God? 

You’ll need to gain more lean muscle without packing on extra fat or unwanted bulk.

Achieving a chiseled look isn’t easy.

With some muscle building routines, you gain muscle and fat. You may also gain muscle in the wrong areas.

Instead of building the physique you’ve always wanted, you may end up with a “fat powerlifter” look. Your face becomes rounder, your waist becomes thicker, and your overall body fat slowly creeps upward.

The Greek God Muscle Building program uses a different set of strategies. 

You don’t need to work out four, five, or six days per week. You don’t need to push yourself too hard at the gym or spend hours performing cardio.

This system relies on a minimalist approach to fitness. 

You just need to commit to three workouts per week. 

Using the routine outlined in the Greek God course, you learn how to maximize your workouts to get more results with less effort.

So, does it work?

If you’re on the fence about trying the Kinobody Greek God program, check out the rest of our detailed review.

What Is Kinobody?

The Kinobody Greek God Program is a fitness course aimed at helping guys gain more muscle and strength quickly. It’s basically a bulking program that focuses on building lean muscle without adding fat.

Unfortunately, finding more details on the internet isn’t easy.

If you start searching for info on the Greek God program, you’ll likely come across a few different programs in the Kinobody series.

The Greek God program is part of a three-stage solution developed by Greg O’Gallagher:

Can men and women use the Greek God program?

It’s primarily intended for men, as with the other two stages.

The Kinobody courses also include the unisex Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 system and the Goddess Toning Program. With the Goddess Toning Program, women have a nutrition and workout system for achieving a slim, toned physique.

So, Kinobody includes multiple programs for reaching different fitness goals. 

The Greek God system focuses more on the arms and abs compared to the Superhero physique system. 

If you’re trying to gain more definition in key areas without developing a “beefy” look, you should learn more about this program and the person behind it.

What Is the Greek God Program?

The goal of the Greek God program is to help you avoid the typical challenges of rapid muscle development. 

You receive access to the program’s content through an online platform called Teachable. Throughout the course, you learn the techniques needed to achieve a sculpted physique. 

Some of the main lessons include:

  • Essential lifting exercises for building rock-solid muscles
  • Effective exercises for avoiding plateaus 
  • Tips for maximizing your lifting for faster results
  • Strategies for targeting specific muscle groups
  • Nutrition strategies that don’t leave you starving
  • Methods for tracking your progress

Basically, you get nutrition and fitness advice combined with a workout routine. 

It’s not the most detailed set of instructions. You don’t receive a meal plan or a step-by-step guide.

The Greek God program is a flexible solution, which should make it easier to stick with.

You’ll still be able to enjoy the foods that you love and live a life outside of a gym. You’ll just need to work out three times per week and stick to a calorie balance each day. 

Who Created the Kinobody Workouts?

Greg O’Gallagher is the creator of Kinobody. He’s a fitness guru with a large social media following and years of experience as a personal trainer.

At the age of 19, just after moving to LA and starting work at a gym, he purchased the domain name for Kinobody. Within a few years, he had released his first fitness guides.

By the age of 24, he came out with the first Kinobody workout program. Ten years later, it has grown even more popular.

Tens of thousands of people have followed the Greek God system. 

If you check out the landing page for the program, you’ll see dozens of before and after photos of average guys who have transformed their bodies using this course.

What Do You Get with the Kinobody Greek God System?

The Kinobody Greek God system includes online digital content that you access via an online platform. You can access it on any device, allowing you to watch workout training videos on your smartphone or tablet. 

You just need internet access to view the content. Here’s the class curriculum:

  • Intro and overview
  • Training
  • Workout routine
  • Advanced tactics
  • Nutrition
  • Measuring progress
  • Bonuses
  • Resources

The program starts with an introduction to the Kinobody system and an overview of this course. 

The training section gives you a complete plan for building muscle and strength as fast as possible. This is followed by the workout routine, which only requires three days of workouts per week.

The advanced tactics help you tweak your routine to address specific issues or goals. You’ll learn how to target specific areas.

The nutrition section guides you through the process of developing your own diet plan. You’ll find out what foods to eat, how much to eat, and how to make your diet more enjoyable. 

It’s not a rigid set of instructions. The nutritional guide is more of a series of recommendations for eating more of a balanced diet.

You also get tips for keeping track of your progress and several bonuses. The bonuses include access to the Kinobody community, extra training videos, and the FAQ guide.

Note that we recommend using a food journal to keep track of your progress.

How Does the Greek God Program Work?

At the heart of the system is a series of proven fitness strategies aimed at rapid muscle development without fat gain or strength-building plateaus. These strategies include:

  • Reverse pyramid training
  • Minimal effort growth acceleration (MEGA)
  • Active recovery

Pyramid training is a weightlifting strategy, requiring you to start with a low intensity set of repetitions before gradually building up to more weight and fewer reps.

The goal of pyramid training is to create more stress in the muscle tissue, helping your muscles become bigger. 

Basically, you develop more superficial muscles. You’ll look bigger without gaining the strength that comes with a typical weightlifting routine.

The Kinobody system uses reverse pyramid training. You start with a short set and the highest weight possible. You then work your way down, using lighter weights and more repetitions.

This variation should help you achieve more in the gym without as much effort.

The Greek God workouts also require you to practice MEGA. Greg coined the acronym, which stands for Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration. 

MEGA training gives you more time for recovery. It’s the reason that the workout routine only includes three sessions per week. 

During his time as a personal trainer, Greg realized that the number of visits to the gym didn’t impact the results for his clients. He found that the body needs more time to recover.

This means you don’t need to work out every day. However, on your days off, you’ll need to practice active recovery. 

After an intense workout, you may experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) for the next day or two. Instead of resting on the couch, research suggests that you should engage in low-intensity exercise.

Active recovery is proven to speed the muscle recovery process, allowing you to experience faster gains.

Along with the workout and recovery strategies, the Kinobody Greek God system requires you to make a few changes to your diet.

Instead of eating at a calorie deficit or surplus, you modify your base caloric needs based on your activity level. You eat at a calorie balance. 

If you need to eat 2,500 calories to maintain your weight, you continue eating 2,500 calories.

The calorie balance is how you gain muscle without adding fat, which is a common problem with bodybuilding routines.

Advantages of the Greek God System

Why should you think about trying the Kinobody Greek God course? It’s less strict compared to most fitness plans.

As mentioned, you don’t need to work out five days a week or follow a specific meal plan. This gives you more flexibility for incorporating Greg’s strategies in your daily life.

Other advantages of the Greek God system include:

  • Affordable price 
  • Lifetime access
  • Several bonuses
  • Fast results
  • Money-back guarantee

Some people complain about the price of the program, but it’s relatively inexpensive when you consider everything that you receive.

Back when fitness plans included DVDs and physical guides, you’d spend at least $100 on a typical program.

Thanks to the digital content, the Greek God system isn’t as expensive. 

You also receive lifetime access to the content and the Kinobody community. After you pay a one-time fee, you can continue viewing the training material and discussing fitness tips with the community.

Besides access to the Kinobody community, the program comes with a couple of other bonuses. You get a detailed FAQ guide with answers to the questions that you’re most likely to need answered.

You also receive bonus MEGA training routines, helping you get even more out of your workouts with less effort.

Those are a few of the top reasons to try the system, but the main advantage is that the program should help you achieve your fitness goals. If you check out the testimonials and review the information included in the course, you’ll see that the strategies really work.

You should get fast results, with noticeable muscle gain each week. 

As a final benefit, the program comes with a money-back guarantee. 

You can test the system for yourself for a full 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, Greg will refund the entire purchase price. 

Disadvantages of the Greek God System

Every system has its own disadvantages. While this system appears to be one of the most effective options for sculpting lean, hard muscles, you should consider the following:

  • Requires internet access
  • Doesn’t come with a meal plan
  • The goals of the program may not match your goals

The first potential issue is the need for internet access. You need to login to view the course curriculum and watch the training videos. 

You can access the content on any device, but you need to stay connected to the internet. This may present a challenge when trying to stick with the program during a road trip or vacation.

While some fitness plans include detailed meal plans, the Greek God system comes with nutritional advice and recommendations. You get a complete diet & nutrition guide, but it doesn’t have a step-by-step meal plan to walk you through what you need to eat.

Instead of a meal plan, you get a guide for developing your own diet. 

Some people may prefer this flexibility, as it allows you to continue eating your favorite foods. However, some may prefer to follow a rigid diet plan.

You should also consider your fitness goals. The Kinobody Greek God system should help you gain more muscle in your arms and shoulders and more defined abs. 

If you’re trying to slim down, lower your body fat total, or bulk up all over, you should look at one of the other Kinobody courses.

For those who want to look more like a Greek statue, you’ll likely enjoy this course.

Conclusion – Does the Greek God Program Work?

If you put in the effort, you can expect positive results with the Kinobody Greek God program.

It’s one of the most streamlined solutions for bulking up in specific areas. You’ll also experience less fat gain, helping you maintain a lower body fat percentage.

However, it’s not for everyone.

If you need to slim down first, you may want to try the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss program

After you drop the fat, you can use the Greek God system to add more definition to your arms, shoulders, and abs. 

So, if you’re tired of five-day workout routines, cardio, and strict dieting, try the Kinobody Greek God program for yourself.

Thanks to the money-back guarantee, it’s a risk-free commitment. 

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